The EuroVelo 3 – St James Way Project Ends With a Workshop in Brussels

On Thursday 8th December, the forth and final transnational workshop was held in Brussels for EuroVelo 3 – St James Way project. During the morning an internal meeting was held in the ECF offices for the partners from Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France and Spain. This was followed in the afternoon by a formal public workshop held in the Danish Embassy, to mark the upcoming Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The keynote speech was given by Klaus Bondam, Director at the Danish Cultural Institute/Benelux and the former Mayor of Copenhagen (widely known as the ‘Cycling Mayor’). Mr Bondam encouraged those working on the route not just to promote them as tourism products but also to emphasise their value to local communities along the routes, as a sustainable transportation network.

The project partners then gave short presentations on the sections of the route in their country, highlighting the opportunities and threats that they had discovered during the project.

It has been calculated that the total route length of EuroVelo 3 is 5,078 km (including Norway and Sweden who were not part of the project). In all, 4,078km had been studied as part of this project, of which only 329 km was considered to be in an ‘inappropriate’ condition at the present time (e.g. involved busy roads, poor surface conditions). These sections will obviously be a focus for future work on this route. Indeed, it was estimated that €80 million was required to ensure that the route was fully completed by 2020, when the ECF hopes that the whole EuroVelo network will be finished. It was acknowledged that it will be important to ensure that the partners are able to apply for further European resources to encourage more co-financing at the national, regional and local level and from private sources!

The workshop was a suitable end to what has been a busy year for project partners. Thanks to a grant from DG ENTR, they had been able to prepare action plans and a strategy for the route, both of which will be available to view from this website shortly.

Some of the materials related to the workshop can be viewed below.

EuroVelo 3 Workshop Programme

The presentations from the workshop:

Introductory Speech – Klaus Bondam, Director of the Danish Cultural Institute in Brussels

Introduction to the Project – Jesper Pørksen, Danish Cyclists’ Federation (DCF)

National Summaries:

Denmark – Jesper Pørksen, DCF

Germany – Wolfgang Richter, ADFC

Belgium – Michaël de Borman, Pro Velo

France – Hélène Giraud, CyclotransEurope

Spain – Manuel Calvo Salazar, Estudio MC

Transnational Action Plan

Transnational Action Plan – Adam Bodor, ECF

For pictures of the event please view the EuroVelo Flickr Account.